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Famous Sociologists

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Addams, Jane
Adorno, Th.W.
Aron, Raymond
Bauman, Z.
Baudrillard, J.
Beck, Ulrich
Becker, H.
Bell, Daniel
Bendix, R.
Benedict, R.F.
Berger, P. L.
Bhaskar, R.
Blau, Peter
Blumer, H.
Boltanski, L.
Bottomore, T.B.
Boudon, R.
Bourdieu, P.
Castells, M.
Coleman, J.A.
Collins, Randall
Comte, A.
Cooley, Ch. H.
Coser, Lewis
Crompton, R.
Crozier, M.
Dahrendorf, R.
Davis, Kingsley
Du Bois, W.E.B.
Durkheim, E.
Elias, Norbert
Elster, Jon
Etzioni, A.
Ferguson, A.
Foucault, M.
Fromm, Eich
Garfinkel, H.
Geertz, C.
Geiger, Th.
Giddens, A.
Goffman, E.
Golthorpe, John
Goudsblom, J.
Gouldner, A.W.
Gramsci, A.
Granovetter, M.
Gurvitch, G.
Habermas, J.
Halbwachs, M.
Hall, Stuart
Haraway, D.J.
Homans, G.C.
Horkheimer, M.
Inglehart, R.
Kanter E. M.
Kearl, Michael
Khaldun, Ibn
König, René
Latour, Bruno
Lefebvre, H.
Lenski, G.
Lévi-Strauss, C.
Luckmann, Th.
Luhmann, N.
Malinowski, B.
Mann, Michael
Mannheim, K.
Marcuse, H.
Martineau, H.
Marx, Karl
Mauss, M.
McLuhan, M.
Mead, G.H.
Mead, M.
Merton, R. K.
Michels, R.
Millett, Kate
Mills, C.W.
Moreno, J.L.
Morgan, L.H.
Offe, Claus
Ossowski, S.
Pareto, V.
Park, R.E.
Parsons, T.
Popper, Karl
Rousseau, J.-J.
Runciman, W.G.
Schelsky, H.
Schütz, A.
Sennett, R.
Simmel, G.
Smelser, N.J.
Sorokin, P.A.
Spencer, H.
Sumner, W.G.
Taylor, W.F.
Thomas, W.I.
Tilly, Charles
Tocqueville, A. de
Toffler, Alvin
Tönnies, F.
Touraine, A.
Toynbee, A.
Turkle, Sherry
Unger, R.M.
Veblen, T.
Walby, Sylvia
Wallerstein, I.
Ward, L.F.
Weber, Max
White, H.
Willis, Paul
Wright, E.O.
Zelizer, V.A.
Znaniecki, F.W.
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Addams, Jane [1860-1935]

Jane Addams Jane Addams was one of the vice presidents of the Chicago Liberty Meeting that led to the formation of the Central Anti-Imperialist League in Chicago. She later served as a vice president of the national Anti-Imperialist League (1904-1919). In 1889, Addams co-founded Hull House, one of America’s first settlement houses. She was later a co-founder and first president of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (1919-1935). She is also remembered as the first American Woman to receive the Nobel Peace Price.

By Adams

On Adams


Index Adorno, Theodor W. [1903 - 1969]

By Adorno

Adorno Live (videos)

On Adorno


Index Aron, Raymond [1903 - 1983]

By Aron

Aron Live (videos)

On Aron


Bauman, Zygmunt [1925 - 2017]    Bauman page

Index Baudrillard, Jean [1929 - 2007]

By Baudrillard

Baudrillard Live On Baudrillard


Index Beck, Ulrich [1944 - 2015]

By Beck

Beck Live

On Beck


Index Becker, Howard S. [1928]

By Becker

On Becker


Index Bell, Daniel [1919 - 2011]

By Bell

On Bell


Index Bendix, Reinhard [1916 - 2091]

By Bendix

Bendix live

On Bendix


Index Benedict, Ruth Fulton [1887 - 1948]

By Benedict

On Benedict Bi(bli)ographies

Berger, Peter L. [1929]    Berger page

Index Bhaskar, Roy [1944 - 2014]

By Bhaskar

Bhaskar Live

On Bhaskar


Index Blau, Peter Michael [1918 - 2002]

By Blau

On Blau


Index Blumer, Herbert [1900 - 1987]

By Blumer

On Blumer Bi(bli)ographies

Index Boltanski, Luc [1940]

By Boltanski

Boltanski Live

On Boltanski


Bottomore, Tom [1920-1992]    Bottomore page

Index Boudon, Raymond [1934-2013]
Bourdieu, Pierre [1930 - 2002]    Bourdieu page

Castells, Manuel [1942]    Castells page

Coleman, James Samuel [1926 - 1995]    Coleman page

Collins, Randall [1941]    Collins page

Index Comte, Auguste [1798 - 1857]

By Comte

On Comte Bi(bli)ography

Index Cooley, Charles Horton [1864 - 1929]

By Cooley


Coser, Lewis [1913 - 2003]    Castells page

Index Crompton, Rosemary [1942 - 2011]

Index Crozier, Michel [1922 -2013]

Index Dahrendorf, Ralf [1929 - 2009]

By Dahrendorf

Dahrendorf Live

On Dahrendorf

Davis, Kingsley [1908 - 1997]    Castells page

Index Du Bois, William Edward Burghardt [1868 - 1963]

By Du Bois

On Du Bois Bi(bli)ography

Durkheim, Émile [1858-1917]    Durkheim page

Elias, Norbert [1897-1990]    Bottomore page

Index Elster, Jon [1940]

Index Etzioni, Amitai [1929]

By Etzioni

On Etzioni

Index Ferguson, Adam [1723 - 1816]

By Ferguson

On Ferguson


Index Foucault, Michel [1926 - 1984]

By Foucault

Foucault Live

On Foucault

Biography / Bibliography

Index Fromm, Erich [1900 - 1980]

By Fromm

Fromm Live

On Fromm

Index Garfinkel, Harold [1917 - 2011]

Index Geertz, Clifford [1926 - 2006]

Index Geiger, Theodor Julius [1891 - 1952]

By Geiger

On Geiger

Biography & Bibliopgraphy

Index Giddens, Anthony [1938]

By Giddens

Giddens Live

On Giddens Bi(bli)ography

Index Goffman, Erving [1922 - 1982]

On Goffman

Goudsblom, Joop / Johan [1932]    Wright page

Goldthorpe, John [1935]    Goldthorpe page

Index Gouldner, Alvin W. [1920 - 1980]



On Gouldner


Index Gramsci, Antonio [1891 - 1937]

By Gramsci

On Gramsci


Index Granovetter, Mark [1943]

By Granovetter

Granovetter Live

On Granovetter


Gurvitch, Georges [1894-1965]    Gurvitch  page

Habermas, Jürgen [1929]    Habermas  page

Index Halbwachs, Maurice [1877 - 1945]

Index Hall, Stuart [1932 - 2014]

By Hall

Hall Live

On Hall

Index Haraway, Donna J. [1944]

By Haraway

Haraway Live On Haraway

Index Homans, George Caspar [1910 - 1989]

By Homans

On Homans


  • Your Dictionary: George Caspar Homans

    Index Horkheimer, Max [1895 - 1973]

    By Horkheimer

    Horkheimer Live On Horkheimer Bi(bli)ography

    Index Inglehart, Ronald [1934]

    Index Kanter, Rosabeth Moss [1943]

    Index Kearl, Michael C.

    Index Khaldun, Ibn [1332-1395]

    Index König, René [1906 - 1992]

    By König

    On König

    Index Latour, Bruno [1947]

    Index Lefebvre, Henri [1901 - 1991]

    By Lefebvre

    Lefebvre Live

    On Lefebvre


    Index Lenski, Gerhard E. [1924]
    Gerhard Lenski

    Index Lévi-Strauss, Claude Gustav [1908 - 2009]

    Index Luckmann, Thomas [1927-2016]

    By Luckmann

    Luckmann Live

    On Luckmann


    Index Luhmann, Niklas [1927 - 1998]

    By Luhmann

    Luhmann Live On Luhmann

    Index Malinowski, Bronislaw [1884 - 1942]

    By Malinowski


    On Malinowski

    Index Mann, Michael [1942]

    On Mann


    Index Mannheim, Karl [1893 - 1947]

    Index Marcuse, Herbert [1898 - 1979]

    By Marcuse

    Marcuse Live On Marcuse Bi(bli)ography

    Index Martineau, Harriet [1802 - 1876]

    By Martineau

    On Martineau

    Index Marx, Karl [1818 - 1883] Marxism Socialism

    Index Mauss, Marcel [1872 - 1950]

    Index McLuhan, Marschall [1911 - 1980]

    General Resources

    McLuhan Live On McLuhan

    Index Mead, George Herbert [1863 - 1931]

    By Mead

    On Mead


    Index Mead, Margaret [1901-1978]

    Index Merton, Robert King [1910 - 2003]

    By Merton

    On Merton

    Index Michels, Robert [1876-1936]

    By Michels

    On Michels

    Index Millett, Kate [1934]

    Index Mills, Charles Wright [1916 - 1962]
    By Mills On Mills

    Index Moreno, Jacob Levy [1889 - 1974]

    Index Morgan, Lewis H. [1818 - 1881]

    Index Offe, Claus [1940]

    Index Ossowski, Stanisław [1897 - 1963]

    By Ossowski

    On Ossowski


    Index Pareto, Vilfredo [1848 - 1923]

    By Pareto

    On Pareto Bi(bli)ography

    Index Park, Robert Ezra [1864 - 1944]
    By Park Biographies & Bibliographies

    Parsons, Talcott [1902 - 1979]    Parsons page

    Index Popper, Karl Reimund [1902 - 1994]

    By Popper

    On Popper


    Index Rousseau, Jean-Jacques [1712 - 1778]

    By Rousseau

    On Rousseau

    Runciman, Garry [1934]    Runciman page

    Schelsky, Helmut [1912 - 1984]    Schelsky page

    Index Schütz, Alfred [1899 - 1959]

    Sennett, Richard [1943]    Sennett page

    Index Simmel, Georg [1858 - 1918]

    By Simmel

    On Simmel

    Biographies & Bibliographies

    Smelser, Neil Joseph [1930]    Smelser page

    Sorokin, Pitirim Aleksandrovič [1930]    Sorokin page

    Index Spencer, Herbert [1820 - 1903]
    By Spencer


    On Spencer

    Index Sumner, William Graham [1840 - 1910]
    By Sumner

    On Sumner

    Index Taylor, Frederick Winslow [1856 - 1915]

    On Taylor

    Thomas, William Isaac [1863 - 1947]    Tilly page

    Tilly, Charles [1929 - 2008]    Tilly page

    Index Tocqueville, Alexis de [1805 - 1859]

    By Tocqueville

    On Tocqueville


    Index Toffler, Alvin [1928]

    Index Tönnies, Ferdinand [1855 - 1936]

    Index Touraine, Alain [1925]
    Index Toynbee, Arnold [1852 - 1883]

    Turkle, Sherry [1948]    Turkle page

    Index Unger, Roberto Mangabeira [1947]

    By Unger

    On Unger Bi(bli)ograpy
    Index Veblen, Thorstein [1857 - 1929]
    By Veblen


    Index Walby, Sylvia

    Index Wallerstein, Immanuel [1930]

    By Wallerstein

    On Wallerstein


    Index Ward, Lester Frank [1841 - 1913]

    Weber, Max [1930]    Weber page

    White, Harrison C. [1864-1920]    Weber page

    Index Willis, Paul
    By Willis

    Willis Live

    On Willis


    Wright, Erik Olin [1947]    Wright page

    Zelizer, Viviana [1946]    Zelizer page

    Znaniecki, Florian Witold [1882 - 1958]    Znaniecki page

    Index References


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