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TeleTools - Groupware and CSCW

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Editor: dr. Albert Benschop
Social & Behavioral Sciences / Media Studies
University of Amsterdam
Created: October, 1996
Last modified: 21st October, 2016

Groupware and CSCW (Computer Supported Cooperative Work)

On this page you'll find some products, systems and technologies that make telework seamless, painless and a lot more efficient. Groupware is technology designed to facilitate the work of groups. Groupware is defined as "computer-based systems that support groups of people engaged in a common task (or goal) and that provide an interface to a shared environment" [Clarence Ellis]. It refers to real computer-based systems like newsgroups, discussion fora, email, hypertext that include awareness of the activities of other users, videoconferencing, chat systems, and realtime shared applications, such as collaborative writing or drawing. CSCW is de study of tools and techniques of groupware as well as their psychological, social and organizational effects. "CSCW a generic term which combines the understanding of the way people work in groups with the enabling technologies of computer networking, and associated hardware, software, services and techniques" [Brian Wilson 1991]. So 'Groupware' is used to specifically denote the technology that people use to work together, whereas 'CSCW' refers to the field that studies the use of that technology.

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Index Chat

Chat software provides the ability to "talk" using your keyboard in real-time with other people on a network of computers like the internet or a company intranet. This textual real-time way of communicating allows people to join a conversation in a public meeting room during most any hour of the day. Scheduled chats allow people to meet at predefined times to discuss topics of special interest. Chat rooms are a cost effective means to talk to others in different countries where a telephone call would be cost prohibitive. Chat rooms offer an alternative form of communication to email, telephone, regular mail, and in person communication. Chat software is categorized as either IRC or Web-based.

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Index File Compressing and Expansion

Index Mobile Computing

Telecommuting is taking a new turn. As an increasing number of people take the on-ramp to the superinformation highway to cruise the internet, a larger percentage are doing so from the road. "Road Warriors" are using high-tech gadgets that enable them to break free of the traditional office environment and do business on the run. Road warriors use cellular phones, but the also send and receive faxes, e-mail and electronic data files from the confines of their cars. They can be paged and beeped wherever they roam.

Index Security
The importance of data security cannot be underestimated in today's high-tech business world. For telecommuters, where information regularly travels outside the realm of the traditional office, the importance grows exponentially. This is a selection of new products and systems designed to secure the lifeforce of today's business information age.

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Index Workflow

Workflow management deals with the specification and execution of business processes. Workflow management systems execute business processes. General workflow specifications include the actions to be performed, statements on control and data flow among these actions, agents allowed to execute actions, and policies that describe the organizational enviroment.

Index Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI is a standard format for the exchange of digital data between electronic means. By adhering to the same standard, two different organizations can electronically exchange documents (such as purchase orders, invoices, confirmations).


WWW Utilities


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