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Love at first SocioSite

Many people like the SocioSite. They use it as a tool to find information on the topics they are interested in. Some people have put banners of the SocioSite on their own webpages. One of the banners is called "Love at first SocioSite". This banner has inspired people to create their own artistic, comic and absurd pictures of the SocioSite.

Expoiting reputation
Some people like to drive in cars with crazy colours and decorations. Fans of the SocioSite have given their vehicles a special treatment.

Your car doesn’t have to be big. As long as you can paint the url of the SocioSite on your car.

“We don’t like it when the reputation of the SocioSite is misused by entrepreneurs for commercial purposes”, says the chief editor of the SocioSite. "They just use the strong reputation of the SocioSite to sell their cars. These sharks should pay me money because they exploit my work for their profit. But we love it when people use their phantasies and resentments to improve this popular information system on social matters.”

Your car doesn't even have to be a real car. You can use your imagination and create a virtual car with avatars in front and back seat.

And if you don’t know how to do it, just try to play with PhotoShop.

A famous anthropologist recently discovered a very ancient, but highly developed civilization of the fifth century before Christ. The technological culture of this civilization was very advanced: bricks, mortar, and even windows of glass.

The people of this ancient civilization, which was located between the Tigris and the Eufrat, seem to have a communication system that highly resembles modern English. And nobody seems to know why.

Archeologists say these wall inscriptions indicate that these early civilians used a well-known window to the social needs and anxieties of the people. Some specialists persist that the famous drawing of Running with a Heart might be a self-portrait of the founder of the SocioSite. We are sceptical about this claim. It's a habit: we are non-believers.

Arnugarah led Fharmani [1253]
Archaeological tracks and traits of the SocioSite - Fiction or Fact.

The SocioSite has a lot to offer to people who are really interested in fundamental and practical questions about beliefsystems and science, spiritual inspirations and moral principles. As scientists we don't believe anything at face or emotion value. We simply cannot afford the luxury of hiding our ignorance behind a strong religious dogma. We cannot permit us the escape of a weak believe in a mysterious something.

The SocioSite also has fans which abide by the law of the Lord —Jaweh, Allah, Krisnamurti, Osama bin laden etcetera— and praise this site as a almost holy source of inspiration. We are pleased to hear when people use the SocioSite for their own purposes and create circumstances where they can interact, communicate and (re)built a strong community.

The image of Jesus has been (mis)used for commercial and political purposes. With this picture a SocioSite fan has expressed his chilliast feelings. It's funny, although it might be on the border of blasphemy.

The Dutch Royal Airlines, better known as KLM, used to be a Dutch company> It became a crucial part of the Dutch 'national identity'. The airline industry has been especially characterized by centralization and globalization. The KLM has been taken over by Air France. That's why most of the Dutch are a little bit sad about the KLM. They say: "I feel that I've lost something". In the end the Dutch might only build their national identity on their identification with one of the most retarded institutions: the heritable kingdom.

There seems to be only one contender that is powerful enough to withstand such a serious loss of national identity. Some analysts suggest that SocioSite has invested all its resources in a friendly takeover over KLM and Air France. Plane spotters have sent their first pictures of this remarkable development in the air traffic industry. One of the most prominent editors of the New York Times wrote an alarming article: "Will the Dutch go SocioSite?" In the Netherlands nobody dares to put this question in public. Why?

Confronted with massive evidence the chief editor of the SocioSite tried to cover his tracks: "These pictures have been manipulated". But then he added: "Of course, we are talking with KLM, we are interested in the flying business. Our target is to bridge the gap between the speed of light at which we can transfer our information to other people, and the speed at which we can move ourselves as physical-biological beings".

In the virtual realm of Berners-Lee we proceed at the speed of mouse clicks, in the physical world of Newton we can move our bodies with the speed of airplanes. Bridging that gap seems to be the strategic object of the SocioSite project.

Railways used to be a fast way of transportation. Trains are a very efficient way to transport people and things. Trains are getting faster. At middle range they are closing the gap with airplanes.

SocioSite tries to contribute to the acceleration the communication between social scientists and strives for the revival of the academic community.

Virtual socialization takes time. Social norms and regulations only emerge when enough people spent enough time in regular interactions. Community emerges when people frequently interact and develop a mutual interests in the continuation of this interaction.

A SocioSite fan created this image of a fast train with the sign of our internet addres. It is supposed to be "a metaphor of a concentrated amount of human resources at high speed". Metaphors are major weapons in the conquest of a beloved partner. That's the lesson of Pablo Neruda in Il Postino (The Postman) created by Massimo Troisi. Mario, the postman, asks Neruda how to become a poet —who can charm a beautiful woman by metaphors. Neruda advises his pupil to take a walk along the island's shoreline and see what image come to mind. The postman occasionally makes some startling insightful observations. Such as "the whole world is a metaphor for something". Mario does not seem to realize how provoking his comments are.

A cow in the sky. She’s looking suspiciously Dutch and is floating in the blue air as a big balloon.

It is a picture I got from a dear friend who lives in eastern Europe. She just broke up with her boyfriend. She is a well educated and civilized women —and a very attractive and therefore wanted species. Her creative phantasies are balanced with her personal and professional aspirations. Until she spotted an unexpected event.

“Still mourning about my lost love I could onle stare into the sky. I could feel that I was a part of a vast universe. All alone, but connected with ever human, and even animal beings. I wass'nt crying, but I had to brush some tears away. Suddenly I saw it: a cow in front of a bright blue sky. There it was — in all her splendor and strength. The only dissonant were those letters. Then I realized that cows don't fly onless there's a magic (wealthy) sponsor behind them.”

Frustated curiosity
Ruud van Nistelrooy is a famous Dutch soccer player. At Euro 2004 he finally got the chance to show his true colours in a major tournament. The Manchester United striker will lead the Dutch attack.

"I am very excited and I am looking forward to this," he told UEFA's website. "For me it is a fantastic feeling to be now preparing myself and the team for this first big tournament."

Conflicting rumours are going round about the new personal sponsor of Van Nistelrooy. Although the world's largest mobile operator Vodafone is sponsoring Manchester United with 52 million euro, Van Nistelrooy seems to prefer a smaller sponsor from the Netherlands.

His manager refused to give a comment on any statement. The spokesmen of the SocioSite told us: "We are a fully transparant organization. Everything we are, we are online, in the open cyber air. We don't have anything more to say than we do online."

Is there any connection or contract between SocioSite and Van Nistelrooy? "We don't talk in public about potential employees we try to recrute. We simply have to respect their privacy. So please be patient, I cannot satisfy your curiosity in this respect."

Would you believe in a love at first sight? In june 1967 the Beatles released their revolutionary album: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. One of the great songs on this album was "With a Little Help from My Friends". In this song Lennon/McCartney are begging for a little help from their friends, and —of course— for someone to love. One of the pertinent questions asked is: "Would you believe in a love at first sight". An old Beatle fan has borrowed this line to say something nice about the SocioSite.

Pavement stone SocioSite was one of the first portals for social scientists. It had tens of million visitors, and most of them were regular visitors. Many of them have contributed to the further development of the information system, SocioSite evolves from what is was from birth, via what it is today, to what it might be tomorrow. SocioSite is a living organism. Therefore it could also dy. A digital pavement stone is what might be a remaining sign of the existence of the SocioSite.

SocioSite Logo Almost ten years ago we made a very simple logo for the SocioSite. It was called "Love at first SocioSite". This inspired people to create their own SocioSite logo's.

When you feel inspired by these creative explosions,
please don't hesitate to add your own phantasy to this collection.
When users of the SocioSite contribute to this project,
the result might look quite different.


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