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Famous Sociologists

Florian Witold Znaniecki

[1882 - 1958]

Florian Znaniecki


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“A systematic survey of socail actions is a necessary pre-requisite for all social studies. Without knowing what the various ways are in which men deal actively with other men and how those ways have evolved, we cannot understand their efforts to regulate normatively their mutual activities … or the positions they individually occupy and the functions they perform in their communities, or the organized groups which they create, maintain, and destroy” [Social Actions, 1967:ix]. “What is the use of discussing how things ought to be done? It is the artist and not the philosopher of art who creates new aesthetic values, the moral leader and not the student of ethics who introduces new standards of conduct, the statesman and not the political scientist who leads political life, the business man and not the economist who makes wealth” [The Method of Sociology, 1934: vi].


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