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Google Groups (formerly: Deja News)
The tool for searching Usenet archives which contains a large collection of indexed archived Usenet articles from past month. The database is updated several times daily. It contains millions of articles from thousands of newsgroups. Searching is very fast. With Browse you can traverse the hierarchy of Usenet newsgroups in their database.
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Monsterously big collection of annotated links to anonymous FTP sites. Links are arranged alphabetically by server name, a somewhat clunky arrangement that may leave you wishing for a search engine. Browsing the collection however is like taking a stroll through the great mall of information -- every sort of file imaginable is available somewhere for FTP, from BBS lists to games software. If you need some help with compression, commands, or the arcane file structures, an excellent Anonymous FTP FAQ is available onsite. Created by: Brandon Long, a grad student in Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois.
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CNET Shareware.com
One of the largest Web shareware sites. It indexes over 250,000 software files located in archives around the internet, including freeware, shareware, demos, patches, fixes, and upgrades. Users can search by platform, archive, or software name. Browsing by platform, archive, or keyword is also available. Approximate download times are given and download reliability is also noted. The site offers an e-mail newsletter to keep current on new additions. Shareware.com does for software what Yahoo did for finding Web sites. Created by: c|net inc.

Freeware Files

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One of the biggest shareware shites of the web. The archive contains thousands of shareware and freeware programs. Categories include: business, destop publishing, fonts, games, home & hobbies, PDA/Pilot, kids, commercial demos, games, homework central, internet, multimedia, sceen savers, utilities. There is a short annotation with the programs to help determine whether or not the user wants to download the program. The size of each program is provided, as well as a 'starter kit' for each operating system which includes a decompression and anti-virus program. Created by: Jumbo, Inc.

Lycos Computer
Freeware gathered by Lycos. The free and shareware is ordered in a convenient number of categories.
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The best of the applications for using the internet with Windows 3.x/95/NT. This is the place to go for Internet applications to use on your Windows computer. It a well organized site with very good reviews. Quick access to information you want.

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The ultimate collection of Winsock software. Gives access to the latest and greatest software for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, OS/2 and PDA. All software is performance rated and checked for viruses.

ZD Net Software Library
A collection of shareware and packages divided by category, including games, internet, education, programs and utilities, Windows, Macintosh, Palm, and editor's picks. A useful site to find some of the best software. Reviews give you a quick way to judge the value of something without having to download and install it; virus checked; Not as many files as other sites, but there are still over 10,000.

Index Content Navigators
Rather than searching the Web, check out the eLibrary's contents. Launch comprehensive searches across this extensive database of more than 17 million full-text newspapers, magazines, and academic journals; images; reference books; literature; and art. After a 7-day free trial, you have to subcribe for this service and pay.

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The reference to Internet discussion groups. Accurate and very fast. You can get an alphabetical listing of discussion groups by name, description, or domain. The database is searchable:

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LISTSERV list reference
Searches for mailing lists (8,855+ entries).

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Search listserv, listproc, majordomo and independently managed mailing lists. The lists can be browsed by category and subcategory.